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AJ Solutions Machining providing a customs plastic fabrication by PRECISION CNC MACHINING. We work with all plastics, several metals and offer a wide variety of manufacturing services. Our plastic fabrication capabilities are number one in bay area California. Through innovative and skillful uses of turning, milling, we produce all kinds of durable, precision plastic fabrication parts. AJ Solution Machining is offering the best custom-designed plastic gears you'll find anywhere. Our engineering team sets the industry standard for developing long-lasting, corrosion-resistant gears in diameters ranging from .5" to 72". Please contact us for more details.




Our customized plastic gears are used in a variety of applications where corrosion, wear and noise resistance are vital, including:

  • Aerospace

  • Aviation

  • Commercial

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Industrial

  • Military

Types of Gears we Fabricate
  • Bevel 

  • Cage

  • Crown

  • Helical/Double-Helical

  • Hypoid

  • Rack & Pinion

  • Skew

  • Spur

  • Worm



Inspection Capabilities
  • Full 3D CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

  • Complete digitizing capability with laser-scanner

  • Ability to scan and completely compare your parts to CAD model

  • Ability to scan and completely reverse-engineer even your most complex parts

  • CMM can completely scan a part or gear and produce a useful model


You're always welcome to AJ Solution Machining state-of-the-art facilities in Fremont CA. Let us know when you'd like to come!

Value-Added Services.
  • Reverse-Engineering (using your old or broken gear as a sample)

  • Emergency Production

  • Orders of Any Quantity

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